In other to activate and actualize the grace of God upon our individual life’s and destinies (and fulfill our God ordained purpose and plans, it is therefore expedient that we be a student of the Holy Spirit in whom the light of God’s Word shines.

To accomplish this, we must engage ourselves in educational opportunities that will enhance our effort in realizing it; hence Deborah College.
It is a vision that navigates towards educating, enhancing, enriching, and increasing every child of God’s understanding of their identity, position and expectations of becoming the best, that is expected of them.

Deborah College is ZICC’s Leadership Academy; the educational training arm of the ministry where kingdom principles and skills are imparted, equipping the people to effectively and effectually maximize their God-given potentials. It is a platform where destinies are born, for maximal impacts and fulfillment of God’s purpose in life and endeavor, through insightful and impactful teachings and principles, capable of shaping and transforming destinies, enhancing a life-long productivity.

As often said, Knowledge is power. This is essentially true. Knowledge is the stairways to fulfillment and greater heights! It is a platform considered to be an equalizer on life’s journey, regardless of tribe, creed, language, color and or age.

Knowledge positions! Knowledge helps in repositioning life’s and destinies that are considered to be underprivileged in all facets of life: as it gives equal opportunity regardless of class.

Knowledge leverages!  Scripture admonishes us as Christ disciple(s) to study to show ourselves approved, a worker needed not be ashamed, rightly diving the word of truth – 2 Timothy 2:15.

As at present, Deborah College operates on four level classes (101 – 104).

We are on a mission to affect, educate and inspire every/all students through the teaching of the undiluted power, in-depth enriching word of life, making, molding to conform to God’s ordained counsel for each and everyone. We desire that every student that passes through this college comes out with better understanding having grasped the subject matter of which we hope will positively illuminate and empower them in becoming and being a generational blessing to humanity as they affect and impact their generation beginning!

We encourage and challenge you to take your spiritual knowledge, understanding of God’s Word and ministerial qualifications to the next level? Contact us on mobile, e-mail or visit us at our Fellowship Centre for more information.

Worship with us:

* Sundays | Destiny-Molding Service | 11.00am

* Tuesdays | Divine Connection (Bible Study) | 7.00pm

* Wednesdays | Dominion  / Communion Night | 7.00pm

* Breakthrough Night | 1st Fridays of the Month | 11.00pm

* Evangelism | 3rd Fridays of the Month | 6.30pm

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