Ziongate International Christian Center was birth out of the commandment of God. The mandate was given and delivered through divine direction. God gave His servant, Pastor Deborah M. Fashola, the global vision and mandate to go into the world liberating the oppressed, healing the broken, empowering the weak, and encouraging the strong; through the word filled with faith and prayers that avails much.

This divine mandate was given to her on MARCH 26, 2006. She yielded herself to the commissioning and leading of God which has been proven in manifold ways. This global commission with the mandate to preach and teach the word filled with faith and prevailing prayers for liberation and dominion (heralding, expounding and impacting the power of dominion) to all, thereby enabling everyone to stand in their rightful place in redemption, manifesting, exhibiting and exercising their kingdom power of dominion.

1 John 5:4 – “For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.” This is the focal and anchor scripture for the mandate.

God covenanted with us, by promising His presence at all times for the confirmation and fulfillment of His unfailing word with signs and wonders, as we go fulfilling the assignment.

Mark 16:20 – “Then the disciple went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirm his word by signs that accompanied it.”

The faithful and mighty God has shown and manifested Himself confirming this mandate in divers ways. The word ‘I AM SENDING YOU’ is the commandment to go forth and plant the seed of the commission. The instruction to raise generational generals in faith was obeyed, and today we have ZIONGATE INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CENTER, God’s chosen and delightful place.  According to Psalm 87:2, “The Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all other dwellings of Jacob.”

It is a place where giants and generals in faith are birth for fulfillment of destiny. They are equally enabled and empowered to affect and impact their world powerfully, by exercising their right of dominion in all facet and spheres of life, with the weapon of faith and power in the unfailing word of God.

Ziongate International Christian Center is marching on with global impact in view and horizon. You are invited and encouraged to come on board with us on this Holy Ghost flight, and be part of this great move of God for the end time, participating and partaking of the God’s goodness promised to us and all as we establish His kingdom here on earth. You are also welcome to be a partner in this great commission.


Igniting a passion to follow Jesus: it is our singular pursuit that every aspect of this ministry is driven towards to raising Generational Generals in Faith – a People standing and reigning in Dominion in Life.

Our Beliefs / Statement of Faith

In this commission, we believe the Holy Scriptures as the revealed Will of God; divine manual for the practice of faith, and also for the purpose of building and maintaining unity in the body.

Worship with us:

* Sundays | Destiny-Molding Service | 11.00am

* Tuesdays | Divine Connection (Bible Study) | 7.00pm

* Wednesdays | Dominion  / Communion Night | 7.00pm

* Breakthrough Night | 1st Fridays of the Month | 11.00pm

* Evangelism | 3rd Fridays of the Month | 6.30pm


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